Protects customers’ privacy and guards against cyber threats on all networks

Protects customers’ privacy and guards against cyber threats on all networks

Protect mobile and home-based customer’s digital lives and those of their families on every network, even on public Wi-Fi, with a HiAware A-Shield – high-grade yet fuss-free protection

The Need

Your customers can safely use any mobile, home-based device or wearable for internet browsing, messaging, communication, and content streaming. With HiAware A-Shield, users can, for the first time, be protected on all networks. HiAware A-Shield also helps parents protect those they love most with parental control and social media access.

A-Shield at a glance

HiAware A-Shield is a new generation cybersecurity solution that defends telco end customers from malware attacks by filtering malicious websites and content while guarding users’ privacy and anonymity by blocking the tracking of websites they visit.

Today customers expect trouble-free product activation, spot-on functionality that is mindfully pre-designed, but most importantly, a telco provider that delivers trusted yet vigorous protection so that they love to use it every day. All vital functionalities, such as parental control and social media access, are already pre-set, so HiAware A-Shield requires just a single touch to activate the service.

A-Shield Key Features

Protects on all networks, even on public Wi-Fi

Filters malicious websites and content

Secures safe internet browsing, emails, and transfer or streamed content

Protects home connected devices

Protects devices and wearables on mobile networks

Protects against malware: spyware, viruses, trojans, phishing, adware, ransomware, botnets, crypto mining

DNS list generation using machine learning algorithms

Parental control against self-harm, terrorism, violence, porn, nudity, gambling, and other harmful content

Content filtering of social media, audio and video and selected topics (i.e., YouTube Kids can be permitted while other content is blocked)

SDK is provided for telco’s native app and home page (Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows)

Optionally, customers can turn off the security for a certain time

Auto-reconnection within milliseconds enables seamless switching between networks

Seamless user experience and no impact on device performance

No maintenance required

Affordable monthly end-user price

Compliant with GDPR and EU regulations

Benefits for Telcos


Applicable for all telco home-based and mobile customers

Every telco sales channel ready SDK is provided for telco’s native app & home page (Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows)

Fast and easy product integration

Roll-out in up to eight weeks over entire customer base

Next to zero support cases Thorough R&D and technical support


Easy to sell to a customer base

40 % adoption rate ARPU growth YoY

Single touch activation

No messy configuration requirements

Multiple monetisation and bundle possibilities


Rewarding revenue-share model

Attractive incentive package: sales and marketing funds

Full GTM support: sales training and marketing toolkit


Get in touch and find out how to amplify your customers’ security with multi-layered protection today!

Get in touch and find out how to amplify your customers’ security with multi-layered protection today!

Ante Moscatelli
CTO and Co-founder

Ante Moscatelli is a head of development and solution design of HiAware security solutions.

His insightful passion drives innovation for comprehensive yet effortless network-based security experiences tailor-fit designed for various industries and sectors. Moscatelli’s highly applicable background arises from the information technology, crypto, automotive and services industries.

Barbara Puklavec 
CEO and Co-founder

Barbara Puklavec cultivates committed team of professionals to deliver innovative cybersecurity solution that help organisation and companies creating flexible and easily adjustable safe digital environments.

Her compelling leadership focuses on our customer’s success working in highly dynamic markets. She’s an accomplished specialist with a decade of experience accumulated from cybersecurity sectors and information technology domain by working for prominent international and regional enterprise.