ICTs and Telco companies are the main internet entry points of users, companies, machines and IoT sensors. Our mission is to secure these entry points and protect users and devices on all networks at wire speed.

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HiAware - For Telco/ICT

HiAware us a SaaS (software as a service) solution, built to handle high traffic loads of ICT companies and can be scaled as required. It enables a 360 security for its users to stay secure when connected to their primary or any other, 'hostile' network.

  • On-premise managed private cloud
  • Two points seamless integration
  • Private per user reporting
  • Budget end-user price
  • Multiple monetisation
  • Omni-channel sales friendly
Highly scalableHighly scalable
More efficientMore efficient
No speed restrictionsNo speed restrictions
Revolutionary vpnRevolutionary vpn
Secure. Intelligent. Effective.

Range of highly scalable cybersecurity Telco/ICT products.

Trusted by 90.000 end users

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HiAware products

HiAware offers a range of user friendly cybersecurity products, which enable Telco/ICT companies to expand their products portfolio and satisfy the diverse expectations of their user base.

HiAware 4 Mobile

Classic mobile phone protection based on DNS filtering and Firewall. It protects users on Telco primary mobile network only.

HiAware 4 mobile+

Enhanced mobile phone protection based on DNS, Firewall, IDS/IPS and VPN. It protects users on all networks.

HiAware 4 mobile+

Enhanced mobile phone protection based on DNS, Firewall, IDS/IPS and VPN. It protects users on all networks."},{title:"HiAware 4 SME Mobile",description:"Enhanced mobile phone protection for business users based on DNS, Firewall, IDS/IPS, VPN and content filtering for managing departments access to internet content. It protects users on all networks.

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Our mission

Our technology enables ICT/Telcos to become a secured virtual internet and virtual internet platform for organizations, their data and users, to connect them to a safe, encrypted organizations network.

Set a security standard for Telecom industry and its products
Make our solutions and products a must for all serious Telco/ICT companies
Generate added value for us and our partners by constantly innovating and addressing the needs of the industry
Be the true Cybersecurity pioneers and leaders of IoT segment
Become a global Cybersecurity heavyweight force and secure the world

About HiAware

HiAware is a light Cybersecurity solution for Telco/ICT companies that protects users and their devices on all networks at wire speed and assures a seamless user experience.

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Frequent questions

What is your business model and pricing?
We offer both, a highly competitive licensing model or a revenue share model. We believe that the revenue share deal poses an extremely low financial risk for any Telco company. Furthermore HiAware engages itself as an active partner by advising on optimizing sales. Our prices are highly competitive.
How fast can you integrate and how much fuss is it for a Telco?
We are aware that you have got a business to run and that your resources are valuable. Therefore we have designed HiAware for a quick and easy integration. Implementation times vary from 3 weeks to 2 months.
Does it in any way impair the user experience?
HiAware solutions operate on the speed of the wire. Therefore the end users experience is seamless. It is a 'set and forget' type of solution.

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