Tailored Go-to-Market Assets 
Accelerate your time-to-market with our Go-to-Market levers of success.

Lean Integration process  
Minimize your learning curve by harnessing the power of our community-based best practices.

Community Best practices   Optimize your integration and infrastructure requirements with our agile 3-step process.

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Ante Moscatelli
CTO and Co-founder

Ante Moscatelli is a head of development and solution design of HiAware security solutions.

His insightful passion drives innovation for comprehensive yet effortless network-based security experiences tailor-fit designed for various industries and sectors. Moscatelli’s highly applicable background arises from the information technology, crypto, automotive and services industries.

Barbara Puklavec 
CEO and Co-founder

Barbara Puklavec cultivates committed team of professionals to deliver innovative cybersecurity solution that help organisation and companies creating flexible and easily adjustable safe digital environments.

Her compelling leadership focuses on our customer’s success working in highly dynamic markets. She’s an accomplished specialist with a decade of experience accumulated from cybersecurity sectors and information technology domain by working for prominent international and regional enterprise.