Take part in the cutting-edge security solutions innovated for telco’s mass-market subscriber-base! In recent years, an evolution of multi-layered yet single touch internet security services have come a long way and are on the threshold of expanding immensely, particularly in telco end-user segments. 

Customers are noticeably raising an issue that traditional anti-virus solutions fail to protect devices and guard their anonymity when connecting devices to various locations and networks. Indeed, 57% of all cyber-attacks are missed by anti-virus solutions.

In response, at HiAware, we are introducing all network-native multi-layered protection – HiAware Shield product series. It has no impact on connection bandwidth. Therefore, it can be rolled out swiftly across the entire mobile or residential customer base with no initial investment or lengthy deployment time, which are often common pain points that telcos encounter when aiming to deploy highly scalable solutions.

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