More than ever before, customers perceive their telco and mobile carrier as a trusted and competent provider of high-quality services which elevate great user experience and deliver thoughtful simplicity when interacting with products. 

In recent years, the evolution of multi-layered yet single touch internet protection solutions has come a long way. They are at the threshold to expand immensely, particularly in the telcos mass-market segments as they address ever-increasing customer demand for a robust internet and privacy protection when connecting to any network. This includes public Wi-Fi, which is often unsecured and prone to hackers’ attacks.

In response, at HiAware, we are pioneering a cutting-edge multi-layered protection solution that is mindfully pre-configured and designed to tailor-fit with every telcos’ customer segment, from mobile and residential customers to B2B clients. Unlike legacy cybersec vendors, HiAware’s internet protection services are exceptionally intuitive to use as they are developed for a specific mass-market deployment in any telcos’ network.

HiAware A-Shield and B-Shield do not require messy product interactions and unnecessary configurations, which most of us who use connected devices every day find are far too complex. It comes as no surprise that end-users truly value built-in simplicity and thoughtfully planned user experience, which ultimately drives the above average and consistent adoption rate of HiAware A-Shield solution for mass-market and HiAware B-Shield product for telcos’ business client – something most vendors that provide value-added services to telcos struggle to deliver throughout their products’ life cycles.

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