Not really! When a telco provider recommends a strong internet, privacy protection, and child protection service to its customers, the customers typically run into tons of configuration options and messy set-ups that hardly anyone understands.

Fortunately, HiAware A-Shield is a new generation of internet security for mobile and home-based users that parents love to use. It requires just a touch on a mobile screen to create a mindful and protected digital world for all their loved ones.

HiAware A-Shield is an all-inclusive anti-malware, privacy and anonymity security solution precisely designed for telcos’ mass-market customers. It requires zero effort to activate and configure.

At its core, HiAware A-Shield harbours a massive DNS content filter protecting users from dangerous and unwanted websites and content. Additional single-touch activation protection functionality is a set of child protection features to protect youngsters from accessing harmful and inappropriate web and social media content. HiAware A-Shield is a truly comprehensive solution with built-in simplicity, which is a key driver to generate a great adoption rate, even among the youngest family members. To find out more about HiAware A-Shield and the eight-week deployment period, visit our web page.

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