On the mission to enable Telecoms to deliver Cybersecurity into 40% of the market


With over a decade of experience in Cloud Go-to-Market leadership and as a strategic advisor in the telecommunications industry, I know first-hand the effort and resources required to successfully launch and scale a SaaS-based proposition.

While some companies like Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, and Telefonica have achieved success in the SaaS space, over 1500 Telecoms worldwide, need to step up their game when it comes to providing fundamental solutions, like cybersecurity.

With cyberattacks growing exponentially (over 85% YoY since 2011), it’s concerning that over 70% of Telecom customers still lack an adequate cybersecurity solution that fits the end-customer’s needs.
That’s why HiAware’s mission, to bring end-user-friendly and best-in-class cybersecurity solutions to the 40% of the market that we identify as “First-time security buyers,” is so important.

We understand that these end-users want to avoid dealing with the hassle of downloading, setting up, and managing their cybersecurity solution. That’s why we’ve developed a product that simplifies the process and meets their needs.

To accelerate Telecoms’ time-to-market by over 50%, we’ve developed an agile (Cybersecurity Lifecycle Program) Go-to-Market program that reduces operational efforts across the design, define, implement, launch, and management stages of the new proposition roll-out.

Our goal is to make cybersecurity accessible to everyone while reducing Telecoms’ efforts and costs by bringing this must-have solution to market.
I’m excited for the journey ahead and look forward to working with Telecoms and other Cybersecurity solution providers to unlock levers of success across the Cybersecurity space. 

Aleksander Cvetkovski, Partner and VP of GTM and Partnerships at HiAware

Ante Moscatelli
CTO and Co-founder

Ante Moscatelli is a head of development and solution design of HiAware security solutions.

His insightful passion drives innovation for comprehensive yet effortless network-based security experiences tailor-fit designed for various industries and sectors. Moscatelli’s highly applicable background arises from the information technology, crypto, automotive and services industries.

Barbara Puklavec 
CEO and Co-founder

Barbara Puklavec cultivates committed team of professionals to deliver innovative cybersecurity solution that help organisation and companies creating flexible and easily adjustable safe digital environments.

Her compelling leadership focuses on our customer’s success working in highly dynamic markets. She’s an accomplished specialist with a decade of experience accumulated from cybersecurity sectors and information technology domain by working for prominent international and regional enterprise.